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The event is recycling its waste with ZEROchallenge and Lassila & Tilanoja Carbon Free recycling method. Waste is recycled into eight different categories.
Yachts sailing in the Rochier Baltic Sea Race will get an instructions to sort the waste when sailing. Race Marina is equipt with large bins for waste collection.

Link to the guidelines.

Contact information

  • Lifting and repairing JoukoLindgren Oy, +358 9 622 5322 | +358 40 534 5170 | +358 400 489 337, info@joukolindgren.fi , https://en-joukolindgrenoy.kotisivukone.com/
  • Sail repairsOne Sails Finland, +358 50 5975773, +358 400131371
  • Chandlery Marnela, +358 6841 7600, myynti@marnela.com
  • Trailers and containers contact Petri Grönlund +358 40 4807878
  • Everything else:
  • Ari Känsäkoski, +358 40 3546914
  • Petri Grönlund, +358 40 4807878

25.7.2024 a

For a sustainable event- 2024 Roschier Baltic Sea Race strives for carbon neutrality in its own operations

2024 Roschier Baltic Sea Race has partnered with Nordic Impact to increase sustainability of the event. Nordic Impact is to calculate the carbon footprint of the race organisation, guide the organisation to reduce its climate impact and offset those emissions that can
not be avoided via voluntary carbon markets. In this way 2024 Roschier Baltic Sea Race strives for carbon neutrality in its own emissions.

Carbon footprint calculation is guided by the internationally best-known and most used calculation standard, the Greenhouse
Gas Protocol. The calculation takes into account emissions from own operations such as fuel use and energy consumption. Also emissions from the value chain, such as purchased products, logistics and waste management are included.

Nordic Impact is a leading expert company in climate responsibility founded in 2008. As a pioneer in the field, we have helped our
numerous Nordic customers become more sustainable for more than 15 years. We offer comprehensive sustainability consulting regarding companies’ environmental impact, social responsibility, and governance (ESG) amid the
challenges and opportunities presented by tightened regulations and a changing operating environment.

Please read more about our services here.